International Girls Skate Day

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We have some updates on Girls Skate Day but first things first, what is it?



WHEN // April 21st 2019 11am-4:30pm

WHAT // Skate in solidarity!

This is not just a day 2 shred yr spot (it’s that too) but to carve out a space for women & girls of all ages & skill levels… free from judgement or sexualization.

Find ppl in your community through outreach or by filling out info in our survey. You can choose to / or not to have specifics about your contact info show up on a map. The map can be used to find collaborators for your own Girls Skare Day event! (:

These could include; performances, lessons, workshops + panels, skill shares, art + DIY stuff….

WHERE // Based on how you envision skate day where you are, it could be anywhere! Rent out a local park, plan a cookout in yr grandma’s backyard & skate the parking lot… literally anything!

This is an international day to skate together! Invite loved ones + friends in far away places to participate! Below is a link to a pdf for the zine, share it!

PDF download:  International Girls Skate Day Zine



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Volunteer Flyer + outreach, table an event, give lessons, set up & break down event…

Sponsor Loan/donate boards, helmets + protective gear + funds, food & water

Be in the next zine! Document what you do on skate day & send it to us!

Draw something, transcribe a workshop or interview, write something, take photos, any medium is welcome! Sky Brown (8yr old pro-skater) will be featured in the upcoming zine! A pdf will be made publicly available.

Email for info / 2 submit



2016 Girls Skate Day @ POP Allston (Boston, Massachusetts)

The first Girls Skate Day was in 2016, it was rad (: POP Allston was a community space with an indoor skatepark. We rented it out for our event. People under 18 had to sign a waiver and we created a registration system for loaning/borrowing gear!

Also featuring Free Skate lessons Free rentals Raffle prizes Zine-making & benefit rock show (every band had at least one lady skater musician)

2019 Collaborators

Cambridge Science Festival April 21, 2019

Curiosity drives us to learn more, but what happens when the sign on the door says “No girls allowed”? Much like skateboarding, science doesn’t always feel like a place we are welcomed, let’s change that! CSF aims to make science “accessible, interactive and fun”. The festival will be held all over Cambridge (check back here for updates on our location). Come learn about neuroscience + yr brain (ie can skating shape the way you think?)

Papercut Zine Library

Pzl is a free, volunteer-run browsing library with a collection consisting of 16,000+ zines & independent media. We operate on a non-hierarchal consensus based model. Papercut is involved with a variety of community outreach projects from workshops on harm reduction to zine-making at public libraries and schools.

PZL is also a meeting space for folx to meet, organize, and collab. era his a group that collabs with PZL to bring you events like anarchofest, sciencepunx harm reduction literature, and GSD + other fun community goodies.


A spawn of era, has worked with PZL to bring you harm reduction literature, anarchofest, GSD + other fun community goodies. Other collaborators and friends include:

Big Sister Association of Boston


Boston GIrls Rock Camp



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